Personal Transformation - 15 Weeks to Find Your Freedom

This programme takes you on a deep dive into yourself to discover a much greater understanding of who you are, what you want and how to achieve freedom and fulfillment in your everyday life. I will hold a space for you to find your unique path through weekly meditations and written reflections.

Throughout this programme you will receive weekly meditations and written reflective tasks, guiding you into deeper awareness of your relationship with yourself and others. 

You will discover powerful ways to challenge your own limitations, break free from unhelpful habits and recognise many false perceptions; ultimately moving you towards greater freedom in living your life.

What you'll get when you sign up:

Every week for 15 weeks you will receive guided meditations, video messages and reflective assignments to support your private exploration towards a deeper understanding of yourself. Your commitment may be as little as one hour a week or a daily practice depending on your preference. This programme allows complete flexibility within your timetable.

What You'll Take Away

You will understand more about what has been holding you back and how to create shifts in your internal and external reality.

You will address unhelpful behaviours and make positive changes to enhance your everyday life.

You will improve your relationship with yourself and others around you, leading to more harmony, peace and freedom to be yourself.

Meet Your Host / Facilitator

Sarah Ilaria Northe is a Transformational Coach and Intuitive Facilitator, founder of the True Northe Coaching Academy, creator of the True Northe Transformational Coaching Method and Inner Child Process, co-creator of Equine Facilitated Coaching and Body Wisdom Coaching, coach trainer and supervisor, author, healer and meditation guide. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field of coaching, healing and transformational work, she has a background in psychological therapies, healing modalities and spiritual practice, leading her to work in a holistic way, engaging all aspects of the whole; heart, mind, body and soul to enable healing, transformation and sustainable change.


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